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 H. Peter Aleff

I am an engineer, a researcher, and a designer.  Born and raised in the Rhine valley at the foot of Germany's Black Forest, I studied the dismal science of economic theory at the University of Basel in Switzerland but then became more interested in how things actually work. 

For most of my professional career, I either planned or built or managed factories in the United States and in France that mold, decorate, and assemble precision plastic parts for mass market packaging devices.  Examples are aerosol valves and sprayer pumps, lipstick containers, specialty bottle caps, and medical syringes.  I also made various inventions in those fields and was granted five patents for some of them, four in the U.S. and one in Mexico. 

project which led to the first of my books was a client's need for a way to protect fancy metallized perfume bottle caps from arriving  all scratched up at the bottling plant.  One of my approaches involved a tray with funnel- shaped cups for easy loading.  All it took was to pour the top- heavy caps on the tray, shake it briefly, and presto -- they arranged themselves upside down in their nests as if by magic. 

I wound up solving that packaging problem with harder coatings for the caps instead, but the tray was nice to play with.  This simple method for distributing pieces easily and in ever different ways seemed to call for making it into a game, and I decided to pursue that idea.  

My previous inventions had taught me that I first had to know as much as possible about the
prior approaches before I could come up with any improvement.  History had always been among my hobbies, so I began to research the history and role of board games.

Several scholars had drawn attention to the
rosette with eight leaves which appears on many ancient gameboards, and on boards of the same type usually in the same fields.  I noticed the same rosette on the Phaistos Disk, a unique and famously puzzling clay tablet from ancient Crete, and it occurred to me that this Disk might also be a gameboard.  

From this new perspective I noticed
parallels between the Disk and other board games and soon found the key to this interpretation which you can examine in my e-book  "The Board Game on the Phaistos Disk".

Based on these findings, I reconstructed and recreated the ancient game, as described in the booklet for the "Game of the Goose and of the Phaistos Labyrinth"

I also discovered that the designer of the Disk had reproduced on that gameboard the
cosmological concepts of his or her time, and that this early game appears to then have evolved into Chess, together with the evolving world view embedded in it. 

Applying the same idea to my
gameshaker tray, I designed the Quantumgame as the next step in this evolution.  I wanted it to reflect an updated view of the world and its workings as it appears to modern eyes.  My wife Meg suggested improvements and came up with the fitting name, and we prepared to bring the game to market.


The week the first Quantumgames arrived in local stores, my work on that project and my research into the rich information lode on the Disk got interrupted, suddenly and for many years, when our son David was born much too early.

He had to spend his first three months in an intensive care nursery.  His stay there left him brain damaged and blind, like many other preemies exposed to the same damaging environment.  His condition led me to spend much time in medical libraries to research his problems and how we could help him.  

I also took a job as manager of a plant that cured special inks on printed plastic parts with ultraviolet light.  While reading up on the
occupational safety requirements for that process, I learned that the strong violet and blue components of regular fluorescent light can damage the retina

I further found that preemies have none of the adults' protections against that damage, and that the start of the preemie- blinding epidemic coincided with the introduction of fluorescent lamps

I tried to alert the medical community to these easily verified facts but ran into a stonewall of unscientific arrogance, willful ignorance, and fraudulent cover-up of these embarrassing findings.  

To document this scandalous and harmful but consistent misconduct from the leaders of a respected profession and from the officials supposed to supervise it, I accumulated a collection of the either absent or often blatantly dishonest reactions from the many distinguished doctors and experts on so- called medical ethics whom I contacted. 

Some highlights from that collection are posted in the Medicine section of this site.  Moreover, the series of web pages here on
Research Frauds gives you a detailed documentation of deliberate deceptions and other gross ethics breaches in past and recent clinical studies about preemies, committed by mainstream doctors who treated babies as guinea pigs

See for yourself, and in their own words obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, how these self- serving doctors rigged their trials to falsely deny this image- tarnishing problem, and so to continue the blinding. 

I felt like a man who has a life preserver and wants to toss it to someone he sees drowning, so I tried to interest the media in telling people about the
baby- blinding dangers from the nursery lighting.  You will find some of that coverage in the TV-programs and Print media series in the Medicine section of my site, as well as a checklist of things you can do to protect your baby in case s/he happens to arrive early. 


In between those attempts to get the needed protection to preemies, I returned to a few of the many rich  ramifications from the information I had discovered on the Disk.

During those studies, I investigated several under- appreciated aspects of ancient science and found additional keys to some fascinating discoveries. 

It turns out that the cultures of the ancient Near East had a much better grasp of mathematics and astronomy than the few surviving papyri and tablets make evident, and that analytical thinking did not start with the Greeks, as some Euro- centric scholars still try to assert.

You find these additional discoveries described in the Prime Patterns, Constants, and Ancient Astronomy sections of my site. 

Now I hope that the riddle- solving surprises there will not only help me to interest you in my books and games, but also that they will draw your attention to the ongoing
doctrine- caused harming of sick and vulnerable babies, and to the rot in the medical system that knowingly continues this harmful mistreatment. 


Click on the links below to the sections of this site for surprising discoveries in their fields, and enjoy your tour of this site!

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