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Phaistos Disk Story

Summary of Volume One

Table of Contents

Riddle introduction

Translation examples

New perspective

Rosette symbolism

Rosette examples

Gameboard tracks

Heads on Disk

Philistine connection

Philistine fluted crown

Senet as key to Disk

Senet enduring magic

Calendar gameboards

Marks on Senet squares

Senet and Phaistos Disk

Metonic cycle on Disk

Command- Life- Down

T-shirt sign Tartarus

Preview Vol. 2
Reader responses

Game of the Goose
and Labyrinth

Goose Introduction
Riddle of Goose
Goose Game Rules
Labyrinth Riddle
Phaistos Disk Riddle
Labyrinth clues 1
Labyrinth clues 2
Labyrinth clues 3
Labyrinth rules 1
Labyrinth rules 2
Goose versus Disk
Solomon's Labyrinth 1
Solomon's Labyrinth 2

Before Quantum
Quantum Now
Rules for Quantum
Quantum Responses
Quantum Reviews 1
Quantum Reviews 2
Quantum Reviews 3
Quantum Rewards

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A board game from the dawn of time  


 gives new meanings to play 


Disk1photo420high.jpg (28720 bytes)

Examine here the first verifiable and externally confirmed interpretation of the Phaistos Disk,

a famous archaeological puzzle from Bronze Age Crete, and enjoy the reconstruction of the ancient board game it preserves. 

It turns out that the pretty pictures in the spiraling sequences of fields on that Disk were not writing signs, as most of its many "translators" had assumed. Those pictures were instead the marks for the fields of a board game which survives today in very similar form as the Game of the Goose. 

As you will see in Volume one of the e-book here, this game started out as a simulation for the motions of sun and moon which its pieces re-enacted on the board.  The markings on the ancient fields illustrate those wanderings in mythological terms and so give us now a detailed and coherent portrait of the ancient heavens and their gods. 

After more than three and a half thousand years, many of the markings on the Goose Game fields still match the meanings of the pictures in the same locations along its ancient track. 



For an abbreviated account of these discoveries and more, you can read here the online version of the booklet that comes with a fun-to-play reconstruction and recreation of the ancient board game from that Disk. 


This booklet presents some highlights from the interpretation of the signs and describes some of the reasoning for it.  It also offers a set of re-created rules for The Game of the Goose and of the Labyrinth. 

wo beautiful wood or canvas versions of this old/new game, each with the
"Labyrinth" board silk screened on one side and the "Game of the Goose" on the other, are offered on the web by Kadon Enterprises, a longtime supplier of quality board games and puzzles.



An update of the game from the Disk along the same design principles yielded the Quantumgame, a modern board game that starts with a unique random distribution of the gamepieces and offers the players many challenges and sudden reversals


The mini-history of board games as images and models of the players' worlds describes the evolution of this brand new game through the millennia, and several reviews of Quantum tell you about its unique playing qualities.
The mahagony-framed collector's edition of the Quantumgame is also available from
Kadon.  It comes with a booklet that gives highlights from the Phaistos Disk Story and explains how Quantum is a logical further development of the game from the Phaistos Disk. 


Quantplas1.gif (15673 bytes)

The all-plastic version of Quantum is still in preparation.  You can reserve here your own numbered copy of this latest update from the millennia- old Phaistos Disk, to be

 set aside for you without obligation from the first limited-edition production run.



The second volume of our e-book The Board Game on the Phaistos Disk is also still in preparation.  It will be titled "Solomon's Sky" and will explore some of the additional information about astronomy and religion in the ancient Near East which that old Disk now illustrates and clarifies. 


That second Volume will also discuss some intriguing circumstantial evidence for a possible connection with king Solomon's Temple.  You find some of this evidence presented in the Labyrinth part of the online booklet for The Game of the Goose and of the Labyrinth, but if you would like to learn more once that sequel is ready, you can sign in for your free e-mail updates of our upcoming releases.






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