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Phaistos Disk Story

Summary of Volume One

Table of Contents  >>>

Riddle introduction

Translation examples

New perspective

Rosette symbolism

Rosette examples

Gameboard tracks

Heads on Disk

Philistine connection

Philistine fluted crown

Senet as key to Disk

Senet enduring magic

Calendar gameboards

Marks on Senet squares

Senet and Phaistos Disk

Metonic cycle on Disk

Command- Life- Down

T-shirt sign Tartarus

Preview Vol. 2

Reader responses

Game of the Goose
and Labyrinth

Goose Introduction
Riddle of Goose
Goose Game Rules
Labyrinth Riddle
Phaistos Disk Riddle
Labyrinth clues 1
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Labyrinth clues 3
Labyrinth rules 1
Labyrinth rules 2
Goose versus Disk
Solomon's Labyrinth 1
Solomon's Labyrinth 2

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  Volume 1: its siblings Senet and Snake Game,


and its surviving sequel  the Royal Game of the Goose


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Foreword and Contents

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After almost a century’s worth of earnestly meant but often funny translations of the alleged writing on the Phaistos Disk, it turns out that this famous clay tablet from ancient Crete never was a text to begin with. 

The signs on its fields were the
markings for the fields of a board game which illustrated along its track the journeys of the sun god and the moon goddess, both in astronomical and mythological terms.

That game had close parallels in ancient Egypt which allow the reconstruction of its main features and event fields. These fields coincide with many virtually identical fields in the still popular "Game of the Goose" and are often still in the same locations along the track of this "modern" game as on its direct predecessor from at least three dozen centuries ago.  

Here are the chapter titles for the first Volume of this eye-opening story.  The blue underlined chapter numbers are links to the web pages these chapters begin.

1. Introduction to the riddle

1.1. The find and its features

1.2. The Disk compared with writing tablets

1.3. Attempts to decipher the Disk as writing

1.3.1. Appendix 1: A sampling of Disk translations

1.4.  A new perspective on the Disk


2. The Disk and ancient gameboards

2.1. Stamped decorations on gameboards

2.2. Eight-leaved rosettes on gameboards

2.2.1. The symbolism of the eight-fold rosettes  Appendix 2: Some rosettes in context

2.2.2. Heavenly matches for the eight leaves

2.2.3. The rosette fields on the Disk

2.3. Similarities with other gameboard tracks

2.3.1. Links betweeen ancient Crete and India

2.3.2. Indian games on square boards

2.4. Shapes and sizes of gameboards


3. Heads on the Disk, bristled and bald

3.1. The sun-rayed head and Samson

3.1.1. Hair as life-force of sun-heads

3.1.2. The Philistine connection with the Disk

3.1.3. The Old Philistine "Fluted Crown"

3.2. Bald head as death of the rayed one


4. The game of Senet as key to the Disk

4.1. Ties between ancient Crete and Egypt

4.2. Sources about Senet

4.3. Senet magic for enduring

4.4. Gameboards as time-tracking tools

4.5. Senet's evolution into Backgammon

4.6. Marks on the last five Senet squares

4.6.1. Gamepieces journey through death


5. Parallels in Senet and Phaistos Disk

5.1. The direction of the path on the Disk

5.2. Meetings of sun and moon

5.2.1. The 25-year Egyptian cycle in Senet The Apis bull as fake pharaoh The renewal of the real pharaoh

5.2.2. The 19-year "Metonic" cycle on the Disk Sun and moon on the bald head's cheek The two circles as time limit for the sun

5.3. The "Command" for "Life" to go "Down"

5.4. Phaistos field of distress after death

5.4.1. A sound and word from the "T-shirt" sign

5.4.2. Tartarus as "west-west"

5.4.3. The sun travels west in a boat

Up to here, the chapters are free.  You can read the others with the password we offer for sale on the last of the free pages.

contents of the password- protected chapters

5.4.4. The halls of gloom The shape of the maze after death
5.4.5. The glimpse of hope

5.5. Mid-life renewals in Senet and on the Disk
5.5.1. The Heb-Sed festival of pharaonic renewal
5.5.2. Initiations in Crete

6. Parallels with the Game of the Snake and Goose
6.1. The ancient spiral Snake Game
6.1.1. The functions of the Mehen snake Encircling magic Symbolism of spirals The snake as linear and cyclical time

6.1.2. Holy Geese in ancient Egypt  The cosmic goose as creator and divine emblem  Goose and snake as earth god  The goose as sky goddess  The goose allied with the snake  Geese as gifts to the gods  The bull heads buried with the goose heads  Goose heads in temple foundations  Geese as substitute sacrifices  Geese as sons Ganders in India Geese in ancient Crete Geese among the Philistines Geese in Greece

6.1.3. The marks and fields along the Mehen track
6.2. The modern spiral Goose Game
6.2.1. Continued links from Goose to Snake and time
6.2.2. The special fields in the Goose Game
6.3. Matches of Goose fields on the Disk
6.3.1. The “death” field in 58
6.3.2. Rebirth at the end
6.3.3. The mid-life “well” of renewal in 31
6.3.4. The “prison” in 52
6.3.5. The setbacks by twelve fields from the “mazes”
6.3.6. The geese and “flock of geese” arrows
6.4. The game and rhymes of Mother Goose
6.5. The Goose’s travel through time
6.5.1. The sacred way to the Eleusinian Mysteries Sitting on the cover of a well A bridge on day and field six

6.5.2. Changes from Phaistos to Goose The perception of death The relocation of the afterworld maze The relocation of some geese

6.5.3. A guess about the journey of the Goose From Athens to Italy The Goose Game as Calvary path

6.6. A “Life of Christ” from 1600 before Christ
6.6.1. The “world circle” with the world ruler
6.6.2. Teaching divine law at age twelve
6.6.3. Initiation with dove at 31 Doves as symbol of the renewal goddess Doves sitting on double axes

6.6.4. Twelve disciples and some of their deeds Judas fallen in Tartarus The fisherman with sword and divine law

6.6.5. Nineteen- year careers
6.6.6. Resurrection on the third day
6.6.7. The child from heaven Lily regeneration Return of the lily from death

6.7. The value of the record on the Phaistos Disk

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