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Referral Rewards and Rebranding

Would you like to tell your website visitors about this or any other of our e-books and earn a 50% commission when they buy the PDF e-book from us, or the password for the locked extra chapters in some of our free HTML downloads?
Then sign in with Clickbank, the online banking service that handles our credit card transactions.  They will establish an account for you to track the sales of passwords or PDF downloads from our site to people whom you referred to us, and they will credit 50% of the payments for those passwords or downloads to your account.
Here is how you can make this work for you

  • The easy way is to refer people to our e-books by putting one or more hoplinks to us on your site.  A hoplink is a link that includes your Clickbank "nickname" for your account and so allows Clickbank to track the browsers that use it.  It looks like this, except that you replace the bold and red part with your own Clickbank nickname:

If one of your visitors comes to our site through such a hoplink and buys a password or PDF download from us within 90 days of that visit, you earn a 50% referral fee.  If more than one site has referred the customer to us, Clickbank awards the commission to the most recent referrer.

  • Once we figure out how to write simple  instructions for its use, we expect also to post the "Rebrander" portion of the Activ Ebook Compiler program.   This will allow you to customize or "rebrand" any of our e-books in HTML format with a message from you and a link back to your site from which you let people download that e-book.  You will earn the same 50% commission on passwords we sell for those "rebranded" downloads, but they will not be subject to the 90-day time limit or to bumping by more recent referrals.  If you would like to use this option, please let us know.  

In either case, after you put a referral link or a rebranded version on your site, you can just sit back and relax.  If your visitors buy our passwords or PDF downloads, Clickbank will send you your referral rewards automatically so you don't have to rely on us to keep track.  Just tell them during your signing in how often you would like to receive your checks, and they will mail them to you on the schedule you select. 
And we offer you our best wishes for earning many many many such rewards.

Sign in with Clickbank


The floating papyrus scrolls that make up our HTML e-books were stitched together into this self- contained .exe form, and bound in the finest virtual vellum with a useful toolbar in their spine, by means of Activ Ebook Compiler 4.2, an easy to use and inexpensive program by Sunil Tanna that includes the rebrander software. 

He offers free trial downloads and lots of helpful advice about online publishing.   If you ever toyed with the idea of making your own e-books, I recommend that you visit his site at  Create your own E-Books - try it free!

And if you want to sell your own e-books online with an automatic system that handles your transactions for you, then simply open an account with Clickbank at Accept credit cards today!  and let them do all the clerical work for you.


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