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to learn more about our subjects


You find here links to additional information about subjects discussed in the e-books offered here, and also some other websites that you might find useful.

Links related to

Prime Numbers
Constants and other Math
Board Games, Labyrinths, and Phaistos
Ancient Astronomy
Premature babies and their care
and other useful websites

Links related to prime numbers :

To learn whether a number is prime or not, go to www.math.wustl.edu/primes.html.  The handy prime finder there will tell you its factors.

Read about the search for ever larger Mersenne primes at www.utm.edu/research/primes/notes/13466917/index.html  and www.utm.edu/research/primes/largest.html 

For a great collection of links about primes, see www.mathforum.com/dr.math/faq/faq.prime.num.html

If you liked our visual representations of patterns in the distribution of primes, you might also enjoy a look at www.cecm.sfu.ca/projects/numbers/.  

That site allows you to explore interactively some fascinating patterns and structures in visual representations of mathematical relationships.  Some of these are also described in the article about them from the December, 2001, issue of the American Mathematical Monthly posted at www.cecm.sfu.ca/~pborwein/

Other patterns among primes, notably the Ulam spiral which is closely related to the square-to-square array illustrated in my pages, are posted at members.optushome.com.au/primes/ under the title "Pulchritudinous primes", and at www.geocities.com/~harveyh/moreprimes.htm among "More Prime Patterns".

For some original thoughts about primes and their relationships go to http://www.rankyouragent.com/primes/primes.htm

Those who read German will find a rich assortment of pages about primes at  www.primini.de, including several useful programs that let you hunt for various combinations of primes.


Links related to constants and other math:

For information about mathematical constants, see  www.mathcad.com/library/constants/index.htm and

A list of many additional mathematical constants and some of their functions, briefly defined and expanded to 50 decimal digits, and much more information about the "mathematical, historical and algorithmic aspects of some classical mathematical constants" is available at  http://numbers.computation.free.fr/Constants/constants.html

Another page about constants is  www.wikipedia.com/wiki/Mathematical+constants , and the site www.pirabel.de/contents.htm offers you a bundle of stimulating pages in English and German, mostly devoted to the celebration of Pi and to some of its many mathematical as well as poetic aspects.

To include the Golden Section phi into your own pictures, as many of the best artists have done for centuries if not millennia, you can now download from http://powerretouche.com/Divine_proportion_tutorial.htm  a versatile plug-in for your photo or paint program that constructs this proportion for you as well as golden triangles, rectangles, and spirals.

If you want to check how any number is related to constants, just type it into the little box of the "Inverse Symbolic Calculator" at  www.cecm.sfu.ca/projects/ISC/ISCmain.html , and it will generate for you a long and ranked list of approximations through combinations of constants and their functions which you can further explore there.  

These computer-generated combinations are, however, unrelated to the simple and surprising quasi- equations of constants and their functions on our page about the mathematics of Genesis One. 

For a collection of excellent books on many aspects of mathematics, including "Count Like an Egyptian: A Hands-on Introduction to Ancient Mathematics by David Reimer", go to Princeton University Press at http://press.princeton.edu/math/  


When you come across some special sequence of integers and wonder whether it results from a formula or has some other previously described properties, simply submit that sequence to the  On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences at
www.research.att.com/~njas/sequences/.  They will tell you what is known about it, or whether your sequence was until then unreported.

General mainstream information about the history of mathematics is now available from a newly formed special interest group within the American Mathematical Association, at www.adelphi.edu/bradley/HOMSIGMAA/, and also from http://mathforum.org/library/topics/history.  

You find many additional links on this subject at www.maths.tcd.ie/pub/HistMath/Links, and lots more on just about any aspect of mathematics at www.MAA.ORG which is the home page for the Mathematical Association of America.

See also http://virtuescience.com/maths.html for some curious regularities in the mapping of a base-3 number system onto the features of a cube.

For interesting comments on Arabic numerals and the logic behind their shapes, see  http://arabnumerals.freewebsites.com/

For information about many different scientific subjects, try www.directoryscience.com

And if you are fond of riddles that push your gray matter through its paces until you look up the answer, visit http://www.thinkriddles.com/
to enjoy a collection of hard to find riddles, fun riddles & other brain teasers.


www.calculator.org lets you download an excellent free calculator program, described in its Help file as follows:

"Calc98 is a pocket calculator simulator program for the Microsoft Windows operating systems. It can be used in place of the calculator program which is included with the operating system, with many additional features and greater flexibility.  On handheld devices, it can be used in place of a pocket calculator.  It is especially designed for scientific and engineering students and professionals and includes a wide range of units conversions and scientific functions.  It also has statistics, financial and time functions, including a stopwatch."


Links related to Board Games and Labyrinths:

If you looked at our Board Games section, you will have seen there many links to some of the pages at the site of Kadon Enterprises which offer the luxury editions of the Game of the Goose and of the Labyrinth and of the Quantumgame

Kadon features at www.gamepuzzles.com also many other unique games and game- related resources.  They give you an easily navigated and highly stimulating guided tour through their rich and often exclusive offerings of clever and well crafted board games.

Another feature worth exploring at Kadon's site is their unique online journal "The Life of Games" which endeavors to study the underappreciated phenomenon of "why and how we play"

Its Introduction states that

"This publication, the first of its kind, is based on the belief that play is the highest form of human activity, that invention is the highest form of play, and that the products of human invention, including those ostensibly designed for recreation, deserve to be given our full attention, to be treated seriously, and to be scrutinized with scholarly intensity.

(...) [its title] suggests that games themselves have "lives" that can be studied as biologists study the lives of organisms ..."

Kate Jones, the founder and soul of Kadon and veteran webber, took time to review the design of my pages and suggested many improvements.  Although my FrontPage 2000 web editing program stubbornly overwrote much of her elegant code, I am grateful to her for her more legible navigation bars and many other good ideas. 


If you are curious about labyrinths and their lore, visit www.labyrinthos.net, the site of Jeff Saward's labyrinth journal Caerdroia.  Its articles deal with just about all researchable or describable aspects of this enigmatic design, from ancient to modern, and from practical tasks such as their documentation and preservation to the various spiritual concepts many people keep associating with labyrinths.

More oriented towards the experiential aspects of this intriguing design is the Labyrinth Society at www.labyrinthsociety.org, with many regional chapters in North America and throughout the world.  Like Jeff Saward's site, they offer also a page of links to many other labyrinth- oriented sites.

If you want advice on constructing labyrinths, explore the energies they appear to convey to dowsers and others, and learn about their correspondences to Indian esoteric teachings, do not miss the section on labyrinths in Sig Lonegren's site at www.geomancy.org/labyrinths/index.html

And to get a ceramic "finger labyrinth" which you can trace with your finger go to http://www.ceramicfingerlabyrinths.com


In a category by themselves are these links which show you memorable animations of inanimate things just doing their thing:
http://www.tcfilm.ch/lauf_txt_e.htm (click the "Trailer" button at the bottom of the page.)


A unique online archive of sacred texts from many of the major as well as lesser- known religions is available at  www.sacred-texts.com/index.htm

And if you like to explore esoteric teachings in a blend of history, philosophy, and spirituality, without the dogmas of typical religions, then a good place to start is the online Library of the Rosicrucian Archive at www.crcsite.org/library.htm .


You will find an up-to-date collection of briefly annotated links about attempted decipherments of the Phaistos Disk and other items related to that famous riddle at http://users.otenet.gr/~svoronan/phaistos.htm


To buy a reproduction of the Phaistos Disk, try  www.cretashop.gr/br/productsbr/souvenirs/festos_disk.htm They offer handmade replicas in various sizes, but you can also ask them for a faithful casting produced for and authenticated by the Hellenic Ministry of Culture which they can arrange to be shipped to you.


If you would like to take an annotated photographic journey through the ruins of Phaistos and many other excavations on Crete, go to http://www.minoancrete.com/ 

The Introduction to this excellent site by Ian Swindale, a teacher of English in Rethymno, Crete, describes what you will find there:

"The aim of this web site is to provide very basic information about all the major and some of the minor archaeological sites of the Bronze Age civilisation in Crete. This site is primarily aimed at those who have little knowledge of Minoan society or those who have visited Crete and would like to learn more or to look at pictures of the sites they may have visited. Teachers and students of archaeology may be interested in some of the photos of lesser known sites which may not be easily obtainable in their own countries."


For a series of links to pages about lotus flowers and their meanings in various cultures, go to www.avonflowers.com/lotusflowerpicture/


For an example of another decipherment of a connected series of ancient pictures that tell a coherent story, although from a different region and time, see Dr. Becker's analysis of the carvings on a magnificent whalebone box from or just before the Viking period, at www.franks-casket.de/english/index.html



Links related to ancient astronomy

The star charts as well as solstice angle calculations were made with the Skymap Pro astronomical software by Chris Marriott.



Links related to retinopathy of prematurity and other questions about preemies:

If you are new to parenting a preemie, you will find practical help, support, and useful information at www.thepreemieplace.org, a site with an active discussion forum put up by parents of premature babies who have already experienced what you are going through and can give you first- hand advice. They also posted an abbreviated version of our baby- blinding article

Once you have dealt with your preemie's  immediate emergencies and can begin to reflect about your and your child's situation, go to  http://mc2.vicnet.net.au/home/narf/index.html
This is the site of NaRF which stands for Neonatology and the Rights of Families.  Helen Harrison moderates the Forum there and recommended it to me.  Its introduction states:

The NaRF dual-purpose forum / mailing list was established because too often the voices of families raising impaired NICU survivors and/or parents critical of current practices in neonatal care, are discouraged, drowned out, and suppressed.

We would like to ensure that when discussions concerning the hardships of life with a disabled child and/or the ethics of neonatology take place, they do so in an environment which allows parents and professionals enough compassion, empathy and support to express themselves with honesty. We also hope that by allowing professionals to participate in the discussion list, they will better understand the human cost of raising a child who will never live independently.


Lists of related books at   Buy a Book

Clicking on one of the book subject headings in the navigation bar will bring you to a current display of paper books and other publications on that subject offered by amazon.com:



If you are interested in eBooks, you will find a wide selection of them, including some of the titles offered here, at www.eloka.com which is an online bookstore devoted entirely to this new type of media.


The Egyptian hieroglyphic signs which form my navigation icons and which you find also in some of my e-books were made with the Inscribe font program from Saqqara Technology.


Links related to e-publishing:

If you ever toyed with the idea of publishing your own e-books, I highly recommend the Activ Ebook Compiler which I used for the HTML versions I offer here.  It untangled this otherwise knotty task and made it very simple.

The ebookcompiler site offers you lots of useful information about virtually every aspect of e-publishing, including detailed guidance for beginners and a lively forum with questions from users and answers from experts.  If this smoothly paved way through the otherwise ocasionally rough terrain of e-publishing strengthens your resolve to publish your own e-book, then download your free evaluation copy of their compiler program at 
Create your own E-Books - try it free

To sell your e-books online without expensive shopping cart programs and merchant accounts, try out the simple system offered by Clickbank at  Accept credit cards today.  They take the drudgery and much of the cost out of the transactions and let you sell your e-books while you sleep.


Other useful websites and ads:

Would you like a GED?  Obtaining your GED has never been made so easy. Visit FranklinVirtualSchools.com for more information.

USA news: http://whatisusa.info/

Any of the links here are posted with the standard disclaimer that we are not responsible for policies or contents of sites other than our own, and that you visit them at your own risk.

If you prefer to stay with us for now, click on one of the links below for surprising discoveries in its section, and enjoy your tour of this site!

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